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Motiva Technology, as part of the Motiva capital group, brings together specialists in their field. Due to the equal demand of Motiva companies and partners for master developers, we opened the Motiva Technology project.

The progressive digitization of the modern world has forced changes in the perception of business. “Face to face” meetings moved to the remote level and we exchanged stationary purchases on e-commerce. The trend of digitization imposes the need to adapt to current trends, and Motiva Technology is the answer to this demand. “Good enough” is not enough – when starting the Alemoto project, we demanded perfection that we could not find on the market. Apparently, if you want something well done, do it yourself – and we did!

Motive Technology is more than a team of developers. We are a company that understands your needs – we have gone through the way from the idea to the creation of software many times. In our team you will find specialists in every area – from Project Manager to specialized developers. We are constantly expanding our team – after all, the more you eat, the more you want 🙂 If you value openness, transparent rules in the company and you cannot imagine your life without development and challenges … then we are looking for you!


From the first step to the last. We create the future together – with an individual approach and tailor-made solutions. Nothing is impossible for us!

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"If you miss a product launch deadline, the business value will be zero."
Pollyanna Pixton
founding partner of Accelinnova

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