1Primo is a brand of parts produced by factories belonging to the OMR Automotive group, a global leader in the production of car parts for the first assembly for leading car concerns. The OMR Automotive logo can be found on the motor, suspension, hydraulic, brake systems, both popular brands and the most exclusive car brands.

In production 1Primo, exactly the same materials, processes and quality control procedures were used as in the production directed to the first assembly. Thanks to this, we provide our clients with parts with the highest parameters

OMR Automotive is an Italian automotive company with over 100 years of tradition. In its seventeen factories employing over 3,200 people, it produces motor parts, suspension and body parts for the first installation for leading world automotive companies. Parts offered under our brand come exactly from the same production lines and have been produced from the same materials and with the preservation of identical procedures and technological regimes as elements intended for the first installation by car manufacturers.

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